10 Fun Things And Activities To Do in Abuja


1. Go Rock Climbing

Abuja is decorated with a magnificent view of mountains. Popular among them is Aso Rock and Maitama Rock but the most spectacular of them all is the Zuma rock that is sited at the outskirts. Rock climbing is definitely one of the best activity to indulge in if you want a full view of the beautiful city from the mountain top.

2. Experience the Thrills of Transcorp Hilton Abuja

 Transcorp Hilton Hotel Abuja is often regarded as the best Hotel in Nigeria and certainly one of the best in the continent with several international awards to back up the claim. This hotel has 667 guest rooms, 7 Restaurants, several bars and a casino. Exquisite Conference Rooms of different sizes, Recreational Facilities and a view to die for. Its one place you want to visit whenever you are in Abuja if you want to be thrilled.

3. Catch a glimpse of the Presidential Villa

The Presidential Villa of the Nigerian Presidency also known as Aso villa is situated at the heart of the city in a district called Asokoro. It was built in 1991 when the capital of Nigeria was moved from Lagos to Abuja. It was named after Aso Villa — A beautifully arranged collection of rocks that can be viewed from around the city. It is certainly a beauty to behold and a sight you cannot afford to miss when you visit Abuja.

4. Visit The National Assembly Complex

The National Assemly Complex is a Magnificent Structure sited in The Central Business District of Abuja called the three arms zone. It’s roof shape is a green dome and comprises a gross floor area of 40,000 m² to house both the Legislative Chamber and the Senatorial Chamber of the National Assembly. The large expanse of land houses structures and other side attractions you will see for yourself when you visit the law makers complex.

5. Unwind at Jabi Lake Waterfront

This Beautiful lake resort located at the heart of Jabi area in a Abuja, is the perfect place to relax and unwind whenever you visit Abuja. Besides the calming effect of lounging by the waterside, you can engage in horse riding, bicycle riding and shopping. You can also eat, drink and surf. It well kept and secure even for children.

6. International Conference Center Abuja

Looking for a venue to host your professional event, The International Conference Center facility serves as a dynamic venue for international trade discussions, business meetings, and social occasions and offers luxury, intimacy, refined dining, meeting and event space. Architecturally designed to complement its surrounding environment, and enhanced by magnificent landscaping. ICC occupies a land area of approximately 7 hectares and is centrally located on the South end of Herbert Macaulay Way in the commercial heart of Abuja.

7. Shop right at Shoprite Mall Abuja

There is no better place to get all your supplies from groceries, cosmetics, wears, interior decors and other things you could require in one specific location within Abuja than Shoprite Mall. You literally shop right here because only the top business brands and high quality products and services across different sectors sell here. And did i mention there is a Cinema there too? Please go already! 

8. Take a trip to the Airport 

One of the most engaging activities you can do in Abuja is driving all the way to the airport. It is quite a distance because Nnamdi Azikiwe Intl Airport is 40km away from town. So, even if you don’t have someone to pick up and you enjoy taking a road trip like me, hop in to the next ride, take some edibles, slot in your mix tape and enjoy the beautiful road that leads to the airport. Once you arrive the Airport, take in the sights, snap pictures, create memories and thank me later.

9. NNPC Headquarters

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation office is a massive tower that is hard to miss in the Central Business District of Abuja Metropolis. It has a tall storey building specifically built as parking space for the countless number of cars that is owned by individuals who do business within those towers. Your sight seeing is incomplete in Abuja without a view of NNPC Headquarters building.

10. Discover Historical artifacts at Nike Art Gallery

This is a must-see in Abuja. Some of the finest Nigerian and African art pieces beautifully crafted with metal scrap and tyres can be found here. If you’re an art lover, you’ll literally immerse yourself in the experience. The gallery is full of amazing display of various artwork and textile museum featuring several thousand pieces.

Abuja is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. It is the Federal Capital of the federation. It was carefully planned and has the best road infrastructure in the nation. Most Companies, Organizations and National Parastatals have their headquarters domiciled here.

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